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The cooler Anderson, Redwood and Potter Valleys are ideal for the variable nature of the Pinot family cultivators.

We capitalize fully on the blending possibilities afforded by the distinct attributes and various clonal selections of Pinot Noir of each of the approved viticultural areas. We apply traditional Burgundian methods: a long fermentation in the barrel (always using new French oak barrels), stirring the lees and malolactic conversions in our white wines.

For our red wines we begin with extended cold maceration and in most years practice the art of “saignée”: the bleeding off of 10% of the juice to intensify color and flavors.

Our cellar regime follows aging guidelines that give us rounded whites with firm acidity and fragrant red wines that are elegantly balanced.


2014 PINOT NOIR – Mendocino
This is the 21st release of our Mendocino Pinot Noir and we feel it is one of the best we have produced to date. Mendocino County’s cool climate produces a very elegant and rich style of Pinot Noir with balanced acidity, dark color, full tannins and very fruity flavors.

This wine is dark purple garnet in color and Burgundian in style; with rich, full and attractive aromas/flavors of ripe black cherries, plum, toasty oak and hints of earth. Soft tannins, balanced acidity and a rich, velvety mouth-feel produce a luscious wine that is enjoyable now and will develop more complexity with additional aging in the bottle.

Delicious companions with this wine are duck with dried cherries, sage-roasted double pork chops with stuffing, and roasted lamb with Mediterranean vegetables

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2015 PINOT MEUNIER – Mendocino
This grape is a relative of the very mutative Pinot Noir and it gets name from the fine white hairs on the underside of the grape leaf which from a distance resembles baking flour, thus “The Miller” (Meunier in French.) The Pinot Meunier grape is native to Burgundy and Champagne where it is used as a valuable blending component of many champagnes, where it adds fruitiness and softness to these wines. In Mendocino County, we are able to produce a very elegant still wine that has deep aromas and flavors.

This wine has deep aromas and flavors of cherry pie, raspberry and toasty oak. This well-balanced wine has firm acidity and an elegant mouth feel. It finishes long, smooth and fruity. Excellent when served with soft cheeses, pork or duck in fruit sauces.

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Pinotage Label
2013 PINOTAGE – Mendocino
Pinotage is a grape variety whose genetic parents are Pinot Noir and Cinsault (a Rhone grape in South Africa called Hermitage). It was developed in 1920’s and was unique to South Africa for many years. In Mendocino County, we are able to produce a very lively aromatic wine that has deep aromas and flavors. Saint Gregory was one the first producers of Pinotage in Mendocino County and the United States.

This generous Pinotage has a deep dark purple garnet color that is surrounded with aromas and flavors of ripe wild berries, violets, plums and a beautiful earthy tone. The wine is well balanced with medium-soft tannins and a nice, firm acidity. The mouth-filling fruit flavors carry throughout its long, lingering finish.

Enjoy this special wine with wild game or hardy cheeses.

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Pinot Blanc Label
2015 PINOT BLANC – Mendocino
Historically, Pinot Blanc has been most noteworthy when grown in France’s Alsace and Itay’s Tre Venezie (where it’s known as Pinot Bianco), but with the release of this wine, we feel that to those regions can now be added California’s Mendocino County. One of the more concentrated and robust white wines, Pinot Blanc can successfully pair with meats such as pork and game, and is eminently ageworthy.

This Pinot Blanc has a full creamy texture with concentrated fruit aromas of cantaloupe, Meyer lemon, and Clementine, with added notes of mineral and flint. Flavors of pear and lush textures mingle on the lively, long finish giving this wine a classical Burgundian mouthfeel.

Delicious companions with this wine are grilled tuna, scampi, rosemary chicken, seared scallops with cilantro, garlic shrimp, and asparagus and mushroom strata.

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2015 Pinotrois – Mendocino This is our third release of this truly unique Pinot blend. This vintage is 40% Pinotage, 40% Pinot Noir, and 20% Pinot Meunier.  The wine was aged in French Burgundy barrels for 18 months. These vinous relatives have come together to produce a haunting wine full of the nuances and complexities of the Pinot family. a family of true royalty in the grape world. The wine has aromas and flavors of ripe cherries and dried cranberries which, when combined with the wines velvety tannins, make this a perfect accompaniment for grilled salmon or the Burgundian classic, Coq au Vin.

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