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Arneis Grapes

Translates to the Land of Wine. This wine brings us even closer to our roots because it is dedicated to those varieties of grapes that Gregory Graziano’s grandfather grew in the Piemonte region of Italy and are still maintained by his cousins to this day. These varieties, many of which were brought to America in suitcases, have adapted especially well in the cooler areas of Mendocino County. Lying above the fog and frost line in the sun, they enjoy even temperatures and an extended growing season. These are big broad-shouldered reds and contrastingly, delicate perfumed whites.



2014 ARNEIS – Mendocino
Arneis (which in the Piemontese dialect means a difficult one or little rascal) is a rare, ancient white grape variety all but abandoned because of its low yields and difficulty to cultivate. Primarily grown in Piemonte, this varietal is now being grown in several regions of California. When everything falls into place, Arneis has the flavor and fine, dry palate to succeed where an overblown Chardonnay fails, especially with flavorful seafood such as halibut or prawns.

This wine has a rich body with balanced acidity and a medley of distinctive aromas and flavors of spiced Pippin apples, Bosc pears, anise and hint of almonds. A long, complex finish follows the rich, supple texture and intensity on the palate.

Also give it a try with Swiss chard and bacon pizza or chicken and mushroom quesadillas.

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2016 MOSCATO – Mendocino – Double Gold Medal Mendocino County Fair 2017
Our Moscato is produced in a style that is very reminiscent of the renowned Moscato ’ Asti, very fragrant, light and sweet.

This wine has rich aromas of fresh peaches, freesia and lime zest followed by similar fruity flavors, a rich sweet mouth feel and great balanced acidity.

Enjoyable as an aperitivo or with fresh fruit and light pastries.

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2013 BARBERA – Mendocino
Once known as a peasant wine, this grape has grown to one of the most widely planted varietals in the Piemonte region of northwestern Italy. Today, Barbera is one of the most exalted grapes of this rugged mountain region. It arrived with Italian immigrants in California in 19th century and adapted well to the coastal volcanic soils. When produced in low yields and treated to barrel ageing it can make extremely exciting wines. This represents our 20th vintage of Barbera.

This Barbera has a deep purple garnet color with complex aromas and flavors of juicy blackberries and red currant with hints of earth and toasty oak. Medium tannins and a great natural acidity lead into a finish that is clean and mouthwatering. This is a wine for immediate enjoyment or one that will age for many years.

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Enotria2013 DOLCETTO – Mendocino
Dolcetto (meaning “little sweet one”) is a grape native to northwestern Italy and grows primarily in the hills of the Piemonte region. In Mendocino County these wines are jam-packed with the essence of fresh fruit.

This wine is dark purple in color with inviting fruit flavors and aromas of blackberries, boysenberries and dark Bing cherries that mingle with undertones of toasty oak. The finish is fresh and long lasting with hints of spice. It is a wine that can be enjoyed young but has the depth to age for several years.

This wine excellent when paired with roasted pork tenderloin in blackberry reduction sauce or a northern Italian-style lasagna with chicken livers and béchamel.

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